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Bridal Makeup Weddings Selangor Bangsar Damansara

Bridal Makeover – Yee En

Last year December, we have had the chance to do a bridal makeup & hairdo for the lovely Yee En. She is the sister of our bride, Estee, whom we did the wedding makeover as well few years back. It was like a mini reunion for us, seeing familiar faces during the makeover. With Estee’s two sons happily running around while we putting on final touches for the mother, it just reminded us how time just flew by so fast!

With Yee En’s long and thick hair, we did an updo with braids and twists. Adorned with red flower and gold hair accessory matching her oriental wedding outfit, the Chinese Kwa. Simple yet elegant. Evergreen look. For the dinner reception, we did a half up hairstyle with some curls at the bottom. Makeup for both morning and dinner were kept simple and natural looking as per Yee En’s request 🙂


Bridal Makeup Artist Bangsar TTDI Kota Damansara Sg Buloh

Wedding Makeup Damansara PJ KL

Bridal Weddings Makeup Artist Malaysia

Mother Makeup KL PJ Bangsar Damansara

Bride Makeup Hairdo KL PJ Bangsar Damansara


Zen + Yee En 10Dec2016 Highlight from Unicque Creative Studio on Vimeo.

Photos Above Courtesy of Unicque Creative Studio

Bridal Hairstyle Updo Bangsar Damansara TTDI Kepong

Braid Updo Weddings TTDI Sg Buloh

Wedding Dinner Makeup Kota Damansara Bdr Utama

Bridal Dinner Makeup Artist Bdr Utama Bangsar

Bridal Makeup Artist Bangsar TTDI

Makeover: Veron

Dinner Hairstyle assisted by Genie



Makeup Fashion Photoshoot Damansara Bangsar TTDI

Fashion Photoshoot Makeover

This time around we get to work with this super photogenic, sweet girl, Kelly for Palloe – Multi Label Store’s fashion photoshoot. Thank god the weather was pretty cool during the outdoor shoot.

Makeup: Veron

Hair: Assisted by Li Pi

Model: Kelly

Makeup Hairdo Fashion Photoshoot Bangsar TTDI Bdr Utama






Day makeup hairdo photoshoot kota damansara sg buloh kepong


sweet makeup kota damansara kepong ttdi


red lips makeup dinner ttdi damansara bangsar


natural sweet look makeup kepong ttdi kota damansara


fashion makeup photoshoot young look damansara bangsar ttdi


makeup hairdo party kota damansara kepong ttdi


Have a fashion photoshoot coming up? We offer half day and full day options for your makeover needs. Contact us for more info.

*photo source: Palloe

How to help makeup last longer. No more Makeup Meltdown

4 Golden Rules for a Longer Lasting Makeup

Whenever we doll up our clients, a lot of them, well, actually all of them made this 1 same move that would put our beautifully done makeup in jeopardy. Which is RUBBING, SCRATCHING THEIR NOSE or anywhere on their face. Every time we sees this we would gasp and scream in our heart “Noooooo……!!!!” Then, we would proceed to touch-up the mess and inform them our golden rules to help pro-long the wear of their makeup. We almost sounded like a granny telling them that list of golden rules lol…

I bet a lot of you have read about what products to use for a smudge proof, heat proof, water proof makeup. So today, I’m gonna lay out the golden rules for a long lasting makeup.

1. Beautiful Makeup Starts with Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Makeup Beautiful Skin

I cannot agree more with the late Mr. Shu Uemura. Not only it emphasizes the importance of beautiful skin, it also made a point that makeup is really not a magical potion or instant plastic surgery. There is only so much makeup can do.

While you don’t have to have baby ass smooth skin for a beautiful makeup result. The most important thing is to keep your skin well hydrated and free of dead skin, or dirt build up. I always recommend my client to keep a basic routine of facial scrub & hydrating facial mask at least once a week, or the night before their makeover next day.

When old dead cells removed, new skin emerges, it gives a soft, smooth and healthy glow to your face instantly. Subsequent makeup product that goes on your face will look much better. Skeptical? I challenge you to not scrub your face for a week but continue to wear your makeup as usual and take a good look at it. Then compare it to when you apply makeup after a good scrub and see the difference 🙂

Another important thing is to always keep your face well hydrated. Hydration helps to plump up your skin and help fine lines to be less visible. It also helps to make your face less oily, thus overall helping your makeup to last longer. Sometime when you think your skin is oily skin, but maybe it is just being dehydrated and your body is over producing the oil to compensate for it.

Currently we are loving these 2 products for a well hydrated face, Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur with SPF 30 and Naruko’s Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask .

2. Stay Cool

makeup meltdown

The first step to long lasting makeup is to stay cool. You should stay cool while you apply your makeup and after you are done.

When you apply your makeup in a hot, sweaty environment, the heat and sebum/oil from your face is starting to melt your makeup even before you have time to set/seal them. It doesn’t help too when your face is sweaty while you do your makeup. Sweaty face = slippery surface = makeup product won’t sit well on your face. Just imagine you are trying to write something on a slippery surface and you can’t, the ink just don’t stick on.

You should ideally have your makeup done in a well ventilated, cool room. Best is do it in an air-conditioned room. Once you have finish and sealed your makeup, you should try to avoid activities that would make you sweat and feels hot. Stay in-doors, air-conditioned environment if you could.

If you really don’t have the luxury of staying cool, the following steps should at least help you look fab throughout your day.

3. Get your fingers away from your face

Our fingers touches a lot of things throughout the day, and some germs or bacteria might get on. Having your fingers stays away from your face not only helps avoid break outs, but it also helps your beautifully doll up face to look fab for a longer period of time. But if you really need to touch your face because is itchy, we strongly recommend that you do not scratch your face.  Instead, lightly tap the itchy spot.

Although the makeup can withstand some light touches to it, but acts like scratching or wiping is too harsh. Your makeup will come off, especially your foundation. Unless you use some budge proof makeup primer prior to your foundation that helps it to withstand some light scratches or wiping, just like an eye primer does for eyeshadows.

So remember, TAP not scratch.

4. Don’t let it soak

oily makeup face. Remember to blot

A lot of times when we see ladies in beautiful makeup but super shiny oily face, we just felt like walking up to them and help blot their face. Getting your face beautifully doll up is only the beginning of looking fab throughout the day. How you maintain it determines your makeup’s longevity.

Sweats and sebums creates a slip that will cause your makeup to slide off your face. If that is not enough, letting your face soaked in sweat or sebum is like putting a cotton pad soak with makeup remover on your eyelids, softening/dissolving it.

If your face gets sweaty or oily, you should use tissue or blotting paper to lightly dab it off. Key is LIGHTLY DAB not wipe. Ideally, you should always check yourself out in the mirror every 2 hours or so to admire your beautiful makeup and of course to also see if your face has becomes oily 😛 For oily skin, keep a close watch whenever possible.


There you have it. No one says maintaining a beautiful face is easy. If you decides to put so much care & love into making up your face, why not take some precautionary steps to help it look good throughout the day too? We also recommend you try out Skindinavia’s Bridal Makeup Setting Spray for that extra boost of staying power. It really does hold up for 12 – 16 hours and it’s our must haves!

Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray


“There is no ugly women, only lazy ones”

So my lovelies, Stay Hydrated, Stay Cool, Tap and Dab your way to look Fab all day!




*Photos source: Internet.

Makeup Haria Metro Feature Zaahara Telekung KL

In the Press

Telekung photoshoot makeup that we did earlier this year for The Zaahara Telekung‘s catalog photo shoot were featured again in Harian Metro’s newspaper dated 26th March 2016. As usual, a clean, minimalist, barely there makeup was done for the models to complement Zaahara’s Telekung photoshoot.

Makeup Haria Metro Feature Zaahara Telekung KL

Featured article on Harian Metro, 26/3/2016 for The Zaahara Telekung


Below are some photos from the photo shoots.

Zaahara Telekung Nude Malay Makeup PJ

Nude Simple Malay Makeup KL

Fresh Face Makeup Malay Zaahara Selangor

Photoshoot Nude Glowing Makeup Malaysia

Telekung Simple Healthy Glowing Makeup Photoshoot Malay KL

Strobing Clean Makeup Malay Photoshoot Telekung Damansara


Looking for a makeover team for your next photo shoot? Contact us for more info or discussion on how we can help you achieve the look/concept for your project.

Makeup: Veron

Photos: Courtesy of Zaahara and Serindit Photo

Wedding Bridal Makeup Trial KL PJ Selangor

Behind the Scene of Bridal Trial

While it is important the makeup artist that you choose could be one that does a makeup style that you like or wish to have during your wedding, or has a good portfolio with good feedbacks/reviews. Having a trial session with your preferred artist prior to your wedding is as important.

Trial session is a time for you and your preferred artist to get to know each other & be comfortable. During the trial session, discuss your ideal bridal look with your artist, by showing them some sample photos to get your idea across. An experienced artist will be able to provide you advice or suggestion base on your samples, whether the certain look you love is suitable for you and/or the event. You should be open to suggestion as well and try something else if your preferred look is not suitable.

During the makeup trial, you should inform your artist if there are certain areas that you would like to change. I.e. if you feel that the eyeshadow color is too dark for your liking, ask to try for a lighter shade. It is important to inform the artist right there & then of your like and dislike, so that he/she can try a different product/technique to achieve your desired look. This will help you to decide whether the artist is versatile in delivering your ideal bridal look.

A Bridal Trial with Pixie Makeup sounds just as mentioned above. Our trial session is done at our relaxing makeup studio, with proper ligthing, chill out music and a lounge area for your family or friends to hang out while you get your trial done.

Want to look your best on your wedding day? Contact us to find out more.

Check out a behind the scene of our bridal trial below 🙂

Are you Strobing?

Highlighting and contouring has gone from being natural to extreme drag queen style and has been around for ages. However, the new craze now is Strobing. But what is strobing??

Well, we could say that ‘Strobing’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘Highlighting’. While back in the past few years, highlighting was achieved by using shimmery, or fine glittery powder, cream or liquid makeup products. As the trend goes on coupled with a new trend of a more healthy, non makeup-ey and naturally glowy skin, more and more innovated makeup products were introduced.


photo source: the net



photo source: the net


During a photo shoot recently for Zaahara on their new Telekung product, our makeup artist Veron did some soft strobing on the model, Tania.


strobing makeup

photo source: Pixie Makeup, Serendit Photo


As the client didn’t want the model to look too made up, Veron did a very natural, skin like makeup, and with some soft strobing, gave Tania a natural healthy glow on the skin. The strobing looks almost unnoticeable but still gives off a soft glow under dimmer light while it gives off a natural healthy shine on brighter lighting.


Tania strobing makeup 2

photo source: Pixie Makeup, Serendit Photo


So where are the points that are usually strobed/highlighted? The rule of thumb is to highlight the part of the face where light would hit, i.e. above cheekbones, along the nose bridge, nose tip, cupid’s bow, chin, brow bones and center of forehead or both sides of forehead above brow’s arch. You could also highlight the inner corner of the eyes to opens up your eyes.



photo source: the net


For Tania’s healthy glow, we used Golden Ratio Face Glam and Face Designing Brightener both by Etude House. The Golden Ratios has both liquid and cream type in 1 bottle. The liquid version has a pinkish golden tone to it while the cream has a ivory golden tone. You can either apply the liquid prior to foundation, on top of foundation or mix in with the foundation and apply on the areas mentioned. Remember to blend it down to a sheer layer to avoid that pinkish tone coming on too strong. If you prefer to apply it after foundation, the cream could be a better choice. For even faster application, the Face Designing Brightener, a powder highlighter, which comes in 3 shades, for light, medium and dark skin is the best option.



L-R: Golden Ration Face Glam, Face Designing Brightener, by Etude House


The liquid has the best sheen / shine to it. The powder and cream is more subtle. However, you can layer a bit more with the powder or cream for a high shine effect. If you are using the liquid or cream highlighter, and the shine diminish after you set your face with setting powder (best to use translucent or color less setting powder), just a simple mist of makeup fixer or any facial mist of your choice will help bring the shine back.


Etude House Highlighter

Etude House highlighter swatches


While you might get carried away having fun strobing. However, please keep in mind that, if you don’t want your face to end up looking like a messy, greasy, slippery mess, please use your illuminator/highligther sparingly only on the facial points as shown in the picture above. Because, the ‘shine’ other than making you look angelic and ethereal, it can also make you look oily if used too much or over a wide area, i.e. whole face.

We hope that you would enjoy this new trend as it is also a fastest way to gives your face dimension like a contouring & highlighting would.

Olive company dinner makeup hairdo

Strobing for client, Olive on her Company Annual Dinner

Another take on strobing by Veron, for Olive’s company annual dinner makeup.


Products Used on Tania Hudson:

Face: Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer | M.A.C Face & Body | Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme | Estee Lauder Lucidity Loose Powder | Etude House Golden Ratio, Face Designing Brightener | Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream Palette

Eyes: Estee Lauder eyeshadow | M.A.C Blacktrack gel liner | Etude House Dr. Fixer Lash Primer | Maybelline The Magnum mascara | Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner, Camouflage Cream Palette | Etude House Concealer Kit | 

Lips: Etude House Liquid Lips




Zaahara simple air brush makeup

Our Featured Work

Earlier this year, in January, we were engaged by Zaahara for a photoshoot makeup session, for their product photography. Zaahara is an Online Islamic Mall, selling quality Islamic products, such as Islamic Books, Islamic Arts, Sunnah Food, Islamic Fashion, Prayer Materials and CDs & DVDs for children and adults.

Subsequently, we were engaged again for their 2 other product photography as well. As the products that they are photographing are outfit for female prayers, Telekung, thus the makeup that were done were very natural, as barely there as possible.

The models for those sessions were Natasha Hudson and her sister, Tania.

Recently, we discovered that Zaahara was featured in Harian Metro’s newspaper, entitled, “Tak Ganggu Kusyuk Bersolat” dated 30th May 2015. Our work were featured in the article 🙂 (Tania in white Telekung, Natasha below her photo)



Some photos from the photography sessions :

Zaahara Photography makeup Zaahara simple air brush makeup


Model: Tania

Telekung photoshoot makeup


Model: Natasha Hudson

Telekung photoshoot makeup


Model: Tania

Thank you Zaahara for the opportunity.

Photo source: Zaahara

MUA: Veron @ Pixie Makeup



Pam Lee Mrs Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Congratulations Pam! Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Received a call from Pam yesterday that she needed makeup & hairdo service for attending a Hair Show event at the IBE beauty expo at KLCC today. Luckily we have available slot and it was a good catch up!

We did Pam’s makeup & hair back in Jan when she was going for the audition/selection for the Mrs. Malaysia Asia International 2015 competition. We were thrilled to learnt that she was the 2nd Runner Up! During our catch up, we were surprised to find out that Pam was asked to gain some weight lol… According to the organizer, she was rather skinny as a Mrs haha.. Also all sorts of insider news that we were surprised to know too!

Pam has beautiful facial features and her skin was very good tho she doesn’t use any skin care products! envy envy! Making up for Pam is a breeze, and love her hair texture and volume too.. all characteristic of a beauty queen or mini celeb!

Congratulations again to Pam Lee being crowned Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015!

Pam Lee Mrs Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Makeup & Hairstyling: Veron


Ms. Pam Lee, Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Ms. Pam Lee, Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Photo source: Mrs. Malaysia Asia International’s Facebook page

To find out how we can help you with looking naturally beautiful on your wedding or any function that you are attending, contact us today for a quote.

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st patrick ball makeup

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, Pixie would like to wish you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How would you be celebrating it? Bar crawl from KL to The Curve? You gotta love ’em beers and have the stomach for it 😀

How about attending a ball, meeting new people, and at the same time do some charity? Plus you get to play dress up 🙂

Today I get to doll up Carol and her friend (which is also her neighbour) for the St. Patrick’s Ball organized by St. Patrick’s Society of Selangor held at Shangri-La Hotel KL. Carol just moved here 8 months ago after taking up the overseas post her company PayPal offered.

While discussing about the style of Carol’s eye makeup, she mentioned that most of her beauticians/makeup artists back home always commented on how small and sunken her eyes are. To me, she has big, lovely green eyes! I love deep set eyes actually. In order to not make her eyes look small and too sunken, I did a soft smokey eyes with darker colors at the outer corners of her eyes. Eyeshadows were blended slightly above the eye socket (some call it brow bone) so that the eyes don’t look too sunken.

To make the eyes pop, false lashes were used, only 3/4, not a full length. To complete the look, I applied pink blusher with blue undertone and a dragon fruit color lipstick (which also has a slight blue undertone) to complement Carol’s almost porcelain skin tone.

Don’t you think Carol is looking very lovely?

What color choices would you choose base on her skin tone and dress color? Share wit us your ideas in the comment box below.

Have a lovely day!