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bridal hairdo babys breath

Wedding Hairstyle Wednesday – Pretty Little Baby’s Breath

When it comes to wedding hairstyle, apart from figuring out what style to go with, the hair accessory that adorns your hairdo is as important.

If you love floral, but prefer a simpler approach, baby’s breath is a good choice to match your theme. It’s dainty nature gives you a down to earth, carefree look, while also able to channel a more elegant or classic look, say, Greek Goddess, if you fancy.

Below are our pick on how to wear these cute little baby’s breath on your bridal hairdo, from carefree style, to an elegant updo.

loose braid bridal hairstyle babys breath

Simple, carefree hairstyle to go with that elegantly dreamy wedding dress. Who say glam dress have to match with an elaborate hairdo? 🙂

baby's breath crown wedding hairdo

Having a simple ceremony by the beach or in a beautiful garden? Why not let your hair loose and put on a baby’s breath crown? Imagine a nice breeze brushing your hair, how beautifully romantic.


bridal hairdo babys breath

baby breath headband updo


Prefer an updo? These loose updo style are a great option too!


baby breath elegant updo

Thinking of an elegant updo? Well, baby’s breath goes well with a classic, elegant updo as well 🙂


baby breath greek goddess updo

If, deep down inside you are a Greek Goddess waiting to be discovered, why not channeled it into your wedding updo with some baby’s breath and ribbons like this picture? I’m sure you’ll make heads turn 🙂

What is your favourite bridal hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you 🙂

Have a lovely day!



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