Indian Bridal Makeup

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Professional makeup for Indian brides

Applying bridal makeup for Indian weddings requires special attention to the richness of the makeup colors used.
While many cosmetics brands offer ideal palettes for this reason, the makeup artist’s ability to mix-and-match tones is valuable.

Of course, our makeup for Indian brides is always adjusted depending on the varying pigmentation from person to person.
Pixie’s makeup artist excel in the art of mixing her own color-perfect foundation, which is the key to
making an Indian bride look extraordinary on her wedding.


…makeup for Indian weddings
should be delicate and natural…


Makeup foundation and colors for Indian weddings

Different areas of the face have different tones and the foundation must always be mixed to match.
Being able to fine tune these differences with ease allow skin to appear smooth and beautiful.
After the initial foundation is applied, further makeup for the Indian bride is not difficult.

Generally, makeup for Indian weddings should be delicate and natural, in regards to
the long standing Indian cultural history in Malaysia.


…the makeup artists ability to
mix-and-match tones
is valuable…


Pastels shades like the pale pinks, coppers, burgundies, beiges, and prunes look beautiful on Indian skin.
Indian brides are always encouraged to tell us if you’re drawn to a certain color that you like.
As long as the foundation color is right, we can always play around with creativity to transform you into a beautiful rajkumari for your wedding.



Henna body art and Indian bridal accessories available

We also provide henna body art ideal for Indian weddings.
Tamil brides usually prefer henna focused on the center of the hand while Punjabi brides will usually do up to the elbow.
But it really depends on your personal choice and creative opinion.
Our rates range from RM80 to RM450 depending on the design and size.
To get a personal quotation, please send us an example image of the henna design that you want. Inquire within.


General Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

The Foundation

  • Choose a shade color closest to your skin tone.
  • Avoid using lighter shades as it may eventually turn out ashy or patchy.
  • Try to shade and highlight the face to give it depth and to enhance a natural glow.


For the Eyes

  • Metallic colors tend to look great on dark skin.The shimmer from such colors will compliment the eyes nicely.


For the Cheeks

  • Coral, rose and fuschia shades are perfect as it gives off a soft natural flush.
  • For night time events, bronze, plum or wine shades also work great.
  • Add a dash of gold or shimmery colors for a glam look.


For the Lips

  • Toffee, golden brown or nude shades create a polished yet natural look.
  • For the more adventurous, try burgundy, berry or other darker reds.


Sunitha & her sister

Sunitha & her sister

Sunitha Bridal Makeup Day Look

Sunitha’s Bridal Day Look


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