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Makeup Haria Metro Feature Zaahara Telekung KL

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Telekung photoshoot makeup that we did earlier this year for The Zaahara Telekung‘s catalog photo shoot were featured again in Harian Metro’s newspaper dated 26th March 2016. As usual, a clean, minimalist, barely there makeup was done for the models to complement Zaahara’s Telekung photoshoot.

Makeup Haria Metro Feature Zaahara Telekung KL

Featured article on Harian Metro, 26/3/2016 for The Zaahara Telekung


Below are some photos from the photo shoots.

Zaahara Telekung Nude Malay Makeup PJ

Nude Simple Malay Makeup KL

Fresh Face Makeup Malay Zaahara Selangor

Photoshoot Nude Glowing Makeup Malaysia

Telekung Simple Healthy Glowing Makeup Photoshoot Malay KL

Strobing Clean Makeup Malay Photoshoot Telekung Damansara


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Makeup: Veron

Photos: Courtesy of Zaahara and Serindit Photo