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Why aren’t your curls holding? How to make the curls last longer?

As a makeup artist/hairstylist, a lot of the time we don’t have the luxury or a proper environment with proper tools to help our client wash their hair prior to styling it. Washing your hair right before styling is not ideal either as the hair might be too soft. Plus, for us makeup artists, most of us studied how to style your hair, but not how to wash, like a hair salon’s stylist.

If you have been our clients, you would know how long winded we could be when it comes to informing you how to prepare for your appointment =p You would have heard/read “Please get ready a clean bare face, without skin care. Hair dry non oily. Wash your hair without conditioner, leave in serum/oils” Some of you might wonder, ‘What? no conditioner/serum? My hair’s gonna be dry/frizzy!’ But guess what? Honestly, we prefer your hair to be a bit ‘damaged’ for better styling & hold LOL We are not kidding you about ‘damaged’ hair is better for styling!

This is especially true when it comes to curling your hair. Is your hair not able to hold the curls for a long period of time? It went flat right before you leave your house after your makeover? Check out this informational video on why your curls are not holding and tips on how to make it last longer.