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Olive Annual Dinner Makeup Hairdo

Congrats To Olive!

We got this lovely opportunity to do dinner makeup & hairdo for Ms. Olive on her company’s annual dinner last Friday. She was working at a Pharmaceutical company nearby thus she dropped by after work at about 5pm for the makeover. Today we were delighted to find out that she got a consolation prize for Best Dress 😀 Congrats to Olive!
So what went on to get Olive ready for her function?

After some assessment of her facial features and discussion about the makeup look she had in mind, which she don’t have any in particular. We suggested to give her a soft smokey eyes with some red lips. But she was a bit skeptical about the red lips, she think it will make her look old, lol…. So okay ~ we’ll decide on that later, hehe…

For her brows, we trim and define it to be slightly thick and straight. This straight brows is quite a popular eyebrows shape in Korea,you could see a lot of the celebrities spotting it. A lot of our clients would request this type, but caution, not all facial feature is suitable. For Olive, it is suitable because she has an oval/long facial shape. This thick & straight brows will help give an illusion of a wider forehead to balance things out 🙂 The point of the eyebrows’ arch are also important.

Olive Company Dinner Makeup preview

After her skin was prep with skin care, we applied Laura Mercier’s Hydrating Primer prior to foundation. To give a sheer yet enough coverage, we mix M.A.C’s Face & Body foundation with Graftobian’s HD Glamour Creme foundation. We love Face & Body’s sheer and dewy effect, Graftobian’s creaminess yet not heavy coverage and it photographs very well, very skin like.

We lightly contour her face to give it dimension and apply cream & powder highlighter by Etude House along her nose bridge and cheekbones. We love the subtle strobing (which is a fancy term for highlighting that is trending now) as oppose to the full face dewy/glossiness which is quite popular in Korea too. Full face dewy/glossiness could make you look like you are having oily face when you don’t. It is suitable for photo shooting or filming when there are people to help touch-up your makeup every now and then. But for normal folks like us, we would suggest you pick the right time and venue/event and use sparingly.

Olive company dinner makeup hairdo


Since Olive was not too enthusiastic about having red lips. Thus, we completed her makeup with a rosy blusher and lip color. As for the hairdo, we did a side do, with some soft curls let down. The rest of the hair was braided and arranged into a flower like arrangement. Adorn with a simple sparkly hair accessory.

Olive Dinner Hairdo


Olive Annual Dinner Makeup Hairdo


Congratulation to Olive again for winning the Best Dress consolation prize 😀


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