Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling

General Do's & Don'ts

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After saying ‘I Do’, the next thing that comes to mind for most ladies would be, which makeup artist should I hire? What kind of look do I want for my bridal make up? Should I go Nude Look or Glam? Should I keep my hair long, perm or straighten it?

Today our founder, Veron shares her view on the General Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Bridal Makeup to help you get started.


Don’t expect a cookie cutter results when presenting a photo of make up/hairdo style that you prefer as a reference. Due to different facial features, hairstyle and thickness, makeup products & shades, and the rendition of the stylist, results may vary

Avoid having your eyebrows or facial hair waxed 1 or 2 days before the wedding. This is to avoid having any skin discomfort that may appear on your wedding day after the waxing. There are also instances where waxing products used causes makeup products not being able to stay on the skin well. If you must, please wax it at least 1 week prior. Or try Threading instead.

Don’t trim your hair without consulting with your makeup artist/hairstylist. Certain hairdo that you have chosen for your wedding day might require certain hairstyles for your stylist to work with.

Avoid doing any kind of eyebrow embroidery/tattoo prior to your wedding. If the color comes out too dark or not the right shade/shape for the bridal look you are going for, it will make or break your look.

Don’t try out new beauty products within the 3 months prior to your wedding to avoid any unpleasant reaction if it is not suitable for you.


Take time to discover your personal beauty style prior to your big day, i.e. sweet & innocent, rustic/down to earth, chic, red carpet etc

Look for pictures of makeup/hairdo as a reference point for your overall image. What is that you like? Is it the lipstick color? The eyeliner style? The way the hair is pinned/curl?

Engage a makeup artist that understands your style and are able to bring out your inner beauty. Think Individuality.

Take time to go through a make up artist’s portfolio. A good makeup portfolio are ones that present a variety of personal looks, not just what is in trends.

Engage a makeup artist that are able to discuss the pros & cons of a certain look that you like base on your features

Have enough rest and do a weekly at home maintenance of facial scrub and hydrating mask in the weeks leading up to the wedding. This is to ensure there is no build up of dead skin, and the skin is well hydrated, thus reducing over secretion of sebum that causes oily skin. Beautiful makeup starts with healthy, beautiful skin.

Always consult with your makeup artist/hair stylist beforehand on things that might affect your bridal look, i.e trimming hair, eyebrow embroidery

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What to Expect from Your Bridal Makeup Trial

A Bridal Make up Trial is a time where you discuss with your artist about your bridal look. Have a general idea of what you would want for your overall bridal image and bring along any magazine clippings or pictures found online as a reference point to get your ideas across clearly. However, you should also be open to suggestion.

It is best that you pick a time where you can comfortably discuss all options available, and probably try them out during this session. This is the best way to see if a style that you like are suitable for you and explore other options if is not. It will save both you and your artist’s time during the big day and avoid any stressful moments.

Avoid having your trial session done where you will be attending a dinner or having your Registration of Marriage after the session. Because the look might not be suitable for the event you are having after the session.

After all it is supposed to be for your wedding day! So let’s just focus on that. Sometimes killing 2 birds with 1 stones may not be practical.

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Bridal Make up & Hairdo by Veron Gan
Photo courtesy of Rachel, Pixie Makeup, Bernadette

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