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Cult Products. Is it just hype or worth your penny?

With the advancement of technology, we have seen a variety of skin care & makeup products getting more high tech. With tonnes of ingredients squeeze into a tube for a all in one products or one that target specific concerns. From pore/fine lines smoothening, eye bags diminishing, skin brightening, to makeup that last all day & night. Sometimes you wonder, is having more ingredients in a product equals to good quality & efficiency or sometimes less is more?

When you have so much to choose from, you start to wonder where you should really spend your money on to get the most out of it. Today, we will be focusing on 2 cult products that many of the top makeup artists swears by. Are they just a hype or it really does worth your pennies?

1. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè

Embryolisse Lait Creme gold

Embryolisse Lait Creme, Anniversary Gold Edition


This is the most talked about cream in the makeup industry. Well, on the other side of the world, mostly. I have not came across any Malaysian makeup artists that uses/talks about this cream though. I have heard so much good things about it being the all in one must-have product.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè is touted as a 24-hr miracle cream, must have products for makeup artists, models & celebrities. A cult favourite among the professionals since 1950s! This functions as a 3-in-one product: Primer, Moisturiser, Makeup Remover.

“Its formula remains extremely simple and effective with nourishing ingredients, i.e. Shea Butter, Fatty Acids and Soy Proteins that restores the skin’s natural glow and gives a boost to tired dehydrated skin.” ~ Embryolisse Laboratoires

Its has a light & creamy texture, not too watery or thick. It is easily applied/spread over face. It feels slightly oily at first, but after it is absorbed into the  skin, it leaves a velvety, smooth finish. It does not feel sticky too! Skin feels hydrated, supple & luxurious. Foundation applies beautifully over it, with a soft finish and a hint of healthy glow.

I have tried it on myself which has a normal to combination skin. Slightly dehydrated with very fine lines around my mouth (the laughing lines). I used it alone and noticed that foundation does not clump around the laugh line, the fine lines were not visible as well and my face looked supple at the end of the day. Compared to when I’m using Laura Mercier’s Hydrating Primer alone, my face looked a bit dry, creasing/clumping appear around the laugh lines.

While on the oily areas like around my nose, foundation does wears off. Well, mostly any primer I used so far has the same issue and I’m not particular about it, so I’m ok with it. You might need something specific to counter this problem though and it also gotta do with the type of foundation you used.

I have also tried it on its own, on clients with mature skin and dry skin with slightly rough texture to the touch. Once applied and absorbed into the skin, foundation applied beautifully & smoothly on my mature skin client. While on the dry skin client, foundation does not look dry/patchy or cakey after application; face looked supple.

If you don’t like to put too many things on your face, then you gotta try it to believe it! *I’m finishing my samples I ordered here. So gonna buy the full size!!

Verdict: Worth your penny 🙂

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant


This is another most talked about products among overseas Makeup Artists! This legendary, award winning skin protectant, created by Elizabeth Arden herself in the 1930s, helps to calms, protects, and hydrates the skin for up to 8 hours. This amazing product does more than just soothes sun burned skin, heal chapped lips and rough elbows.

“It’s also the secret that makeup artists all over the world use for keeping legs, lips and eyelids shiny; eyebrows in place; and cuticles perfectly manicured.” ~

Of the 8 great ways to use this legendary cream as listed on their website, I managed to experience the greateness of 4 out of the 8 😀

Skin Saver

“Protect skin from drying wind, central heating and air conditioning. This skincare multi-tasker soothes, restores, calms and helps relieve minor skin irritations, including roughness, redness, chapped, cracked or dry skin.”

I have used it on my dry elbows with slightly flaky skin. After just 1 application over the night, my elbows looked normal, like it has never been dry before!

My face usually feels oily when I woke up the next morning whether I apply any skin care or not the night before. However, with this 8 Hour Cream, I woke up to a supple, hydrated, moist face, not oily at all! Even though you feel very oily upon application. Once you allow ample time for it to be absorbed, your skin just feels hydrated, soothed and calmed.

I have also noticed that it helps to soothe small pimples and sometimes it heals them over 1 – 2 days of overnight use, depending on the pimple’s severity. The redness on my face has diminished  quite a bit after using it for a few months now (not every night though, and I have not been using any skin care lately other than this 8 Hour Cream). When I have scabbed due to pimples or it became dry after applying Tea Tree Oil, the skin renewed beautifully over 1 night’s use 😀

Shine Factor

I have read a lot on how makeup artists around the world uses it to add shine for a glossy makeup effect, on the eyes, lips, face. I tried it during a photo shoot few months back, and I couldn’t agree more! I dabbed along the high cheekbones of my model for a high shine effect, and it looked gorgeous!

Cuticle Conditioner

The 8 Hour Cream has restored my fingers to its original state. I used to have a lot of hangnails or dry cuticles. After starting to put this on every night before sleep, I noticed most of my hangnails are gone (now left 1 very stubborn hangnail to be treated), cuticles looks healthy, not dry.

Treat for Feet

My feet are the least taken care of! lol…. It usually has dry cuticles around the big & small toes, heels are a bit dry too. Upon trying it for 1 night, my feet looked happy!

What makes this product so efficient? Thanks to its combination of petrolatum, a skin soothing beta-hydroxy and vitamin E. Petrolatum is an intensive moisturiser that soothes & protects skin, while Salicylic Acid (a form of beta-hydroxy acid) gently exfoliates to reveal smoother skin. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that protects skin from free radical damage.

Its texture is like a wax, very thick. However, if you let it warm up on your hand before application, it is easier to spread or apply. This is the best way I found worked for me if I want to apply some on my face. Basically, at night right before I doze off, I squeeze the amount I need on the back of my hand, and would apply generously on my fingers, gently rubbing/massaging it just around the nails & cuticles. Then pick up the rest to warm it up by rubbing it against my fingers and gently massage it onto my face and voila~

On a side note, at times when I have to wake up in the dead of night getting ready for an early makeup job (I’m talking about waking up at 4am, sometime 3am!), I would just lightly wash my face with water and not wash away too much of the 8 Hour cream I put on the night before bed. Then proceed with putting on foundation + loose powder to set. The makeup looked good, not cakey/dry, even though I’m practically/technically slapping foundation on bare skin 😛

 Verdict: Worth your penny 🙂

Are you Strobing?

Highlighting and contouring has gone from being natural to extreme drag queen style and has been around for ages. However, the new craze now is Strobing. But what is strobing??

Well, we could say that ‘Strobing’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘Highlighting’. While back in the past few years, highlighting was achieved by using shimmery, or fine glittery powder, cream or liquid makeup products. As the trend goes on coupled with a new trend of a more healthy, non makeup-ey and naturally glowy skin, more and more innovated makeup products were introduced.


photo source: the net



photo source: the net


During a photo shoot recently for Zaahara on their new Telekung product, our makeup artist Veron did some soft strobing on the model, Tania.


strobing makeup

photo source: Pixie Makeup, Serendit Photo


As the client didn’t want the model to look too made up, Veron did a very natural, skin like makeup, and with some soft strobing, gave Tania a natural healthy glow on the skin. The strobing looks almost unnoticeable but still gives off a soft glow under dimmer light while it gives off a natural healthy shine on brighter lighting.


Tania strobing makeup 2

photo source: Pixie Makeup, Serendit Photo


So where are the points that are usually strobed/highlighted? The rule of thumb is to highlight the part of the face where light would hit, i.e. above cheekbones, along the nose bridge, nose tip, cupid’s bow, chin, brow bones and center of forehead or both sides of forehead above brow’s arch. You could also highlight the inner corner of the eyes to opens up your eyes.



photo source: the net


For Tania’s healthy glow, we used Golden Ratio Face Glam and Face Designing Brightener both by Etude House. The Golden Ratios has both liquid and cream type in 1 bottle. The liquid version has a pinkish golden tone to it while the cream has a ivory golden tone. You can either apply the liquid prior to foundation, on top of foundation or mix in with the foundation and apply on the areas mentioned. Remember to blend it down to a sheer layer to avoid that pinkish tone coming on too strong. If you prefer to apply it after foundation, the cream could be a better choice. For even faster application, the Face Designing Brightener, a powder highlighter, which comes in 3 shades, for light, medium and dark skin is the best option.



L-R: Golden Ration Face Glam, Face Designing Brightener, by Etude House


The liquid has the best sheen / shine to it. The powder and cream is more subtle. However, you can layer a bit more with the powder or cream for a high shine effect. If you are using the liquid or cream highlighter, and the shine diminish after you set your face with setting powder (best to use translucent or color less setting powder), just a simple mist of makeup fixer or any facial mist of your choice will help bring the shine back.


Etude House Highlighter

Etude House highlighter swatches


While you might get carried away having fun strobing. However, please keep in mind that, if you don’t want your face to end up looking like a messy, greasy, slippery mess, please use your illuminator/highligther sparingly only on the facial points as shown in the picture above. Because, the ‘shine’ other than making you look angelic and ethereal, it can also make you look oily if used too much or over a wide area, i.e. whole face.

We hope that you would enjoy this new trend as it is also a fastest way to gives your face dimension like a contouring & highlighting would.

Olive company dinner makeup hairdo

Strobing for client, Olive on her Company Annual Dinner

Another take on strobing by Veron, for Olive’s company annual dinner makeup.


Products Used on Tania Hudson:

Face: Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer | M.A.C Face & Body | Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme | Estee Lauder Lucidity Loose Powder | Etude House Golden Ratio, Face Designing Brightener | Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream Palette

Eyes: Estee Lauder eyeshadow | M.A.C Blacktrack gel liner | Etude House Dr. Fixer Lash Primer | Maybelline The Magnum mascara | Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner, Camouflage Cream Palette | Etude House Concealer Kit | 

Lips: Etude House Liquid Lips




Olive Annual Dinner Makeup Hairdo

Congrats To Olive!

We got this lovely opportunity to do dinner makeup & hairdo for Ms. Olive on her company’s annual dinner last Friday. She was working at a Pharmaceutical company nearby thus she dropped by after work at about 5pm for the makeover. Today we were delighted to find out that she got a consolation prize for Best Dress 😀 Congrats to Olive!
So what went on to get Olive ready for her function?

After some assessment of her facial features and discussion about the makeup look she had in mind, which she don’t have any in particular. We suggested to give her a soft smokey eyes with some red lips. But she was a bit skeptical about the red lips, she think it will make her look old, lol…. So okay ~ we’ll decide on that later, hehe…

For her brows, we trim and define it to be slightly thick and straight. This straight brows is quite a popular eyebrows shape in Korea,you could see a lot of the celebrities spotting it. A lot of our clients would request this type, but caution, not all facial feature is suitable. For Olive, it is suitable because she has an oval/long facial shape. This thick & straight brows will help give an illusion of a wider forehead to balance things out 🙂 The point of the eyebrows’ arch are also important.

Olive Company Dinner Makeup preview

After her skin was prep with skin care, we applied Laura Mercier’s Hydrating Primer prior to foundation. To give a sheer yet enough coverage, we mix M.A.C’s Face & Body foundation with Graftobian’s HD Glamour Creme foundation. We love Face & Body’s sheer and dewy effect, Graftobian’s creaminess yet not heavy coverage and it photographs very well, very skin like.

We lightly contour her face to give it dimension and apply cream & powder highlighter by Etude House along her nose bridge and cheekbones. We love the subtle strobing (which is a fancy term for highlighting that is trending now) as oppose to the full face dewy/glossiness which is quite popular in Korea too. Full face dewy/glossiness could make you look like you are having oily face when you don’t. It is suitable for photo shooting or filming when there are people to help touch-up your makeup every now and then. But for normal folks like us, we would suggest you pick the right time and venue/event and use sparingly.

Olive company dinner makeup hairdo


Since Olive was not too enthusiastic about having red lips. Thus, we completed her makeup with a rosy blusher and lip color. As for the hairdo, we did a side do, with some soft curls let down. The rest of the hair was braided and arranged into a flower like arrangement. Adorn with a simple sparkly hair accessory.

Olive Dinner Hairdo


Olive Annual Dinner Makeup Hairdo


Congratulation to Olive again for winning the Best Dress consolation prize 😀


MUA: Veron




Zaahara simple air brush makeup

Our Featured Work

Earlier this year, in January, we were engaged by Zaahara for a photoshoot makeup session, for their product photography. Zaahara is an Online Islamic Mall, selling quality Islamic products, such as Islamic Books, Islamic Arts, Sunnah Food, Islamic Fashion, Prayer Materials and CDs & DVDs for children and adults.

Subsequently, we were engaged again for their 2 other product photography as well. As the products that they are photographing are outfit for female prayers, Telekung, thus the makeup that were done were very natural, as barely there as possible.

The models for those sessions were Natasha Hudson and her sister, Tania.

Recently, we discovered that Zaahara was featured in Harian Metro’s newspaper, entitled, “Tak Ganggu Kusyuk Bersolat” dated 30th May 2015. Our work were featured in the article 🙂 (Tania in white Telekung, Natasha below her photo)



Some photos from the photography sessions :

Zaahara Photography makeup Zaahara simple air brush makeup


Model: Tania

Telekung photoshoot makeup


Model: Natasha Hudson

Telekung photoshoot makeup


Model: Tania

Thank you Zaahara for the opportunity.

Photo source: Zaahara

MUA: Veron @ Pixie Makeup



Pam Lee Mrs Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Congratulations Pam! Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Received a call from Pam yesterday that she needed makeup & hairdo service for attending a Hair Show event at the IBE beauty expo at KLCC today. Luckily we have available slot and it was a good catch up!

We did Pam’s makeup & hair back in Jan when she was going for the audition/selection for the Mrs. Malaysia Asia International 2015 competition. We were thrilled to learnt that she was the 2nd Runner Up! During our catch up, we were surprised to find out that Pam was asked to gain some weight lol… According to the organizer, she was rather skinny as a Mrs haha.. Also all sorts of insider news that we were surprised to know too!

Pam has beautiful facial features and her skin was very good tho she doesn’t use any skin care products! envy envy! Making up for Pam is a breeze, and love her hair texture and volume too.. all characteristic of a beauty queen or mini celeb!

Congratulations again to Pam Lee being crowned Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015!

Pam Lee Mrs Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Makeup & Hairstyling: Veron


Ms. Pam Lee, Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Ms. Pam Lee, Mrs. Malaysia Asia International Global 2015

Photo source: Mrs. Malaysia Asia International’s Facebook page

To find out how we can help you with looking naturally beautiful on your wedding or any function that you are attending, contact us today for a quote.

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Wyda Malay Engagement Makeup

Pixie to the rescue!

While I was on my way to a Bridal Makeup work in KL last Saturday, I received a call from Wyda asking if I am available tomorrow (Sun, 26/4) for her engagement makeup due to her makeup artist not able to make it (the artist was down with chicken pox). I can understand how stressful it was to find a replacement makeup artist at the very last minute!

At first Wyda was thinking of just DIY since it was a casual luncheon event but in the end decided to hire a makeup artist instead. Thankfully she did and I was happy that I could help her 🙂

Wyda silver purple eyes

As she doesn’t put on makeup much on a daily basis, so I used a silver color eyeshadow on the inner half of her eyes, purple & dark brown on the outer half of her eyes. Thin eyeliner and a medium thick eyelashes completed her eyes for a mesmerizing yet not overly done look. For a sweet yet not girly pout, I used Too Faced’s Cinnamon Kiss lipstick for her lips. It complimented her skin tone well, don’t you think? I love Too Faced’s lipstick shades, it is very moisturizing, and it glides on smoothly 🙂



Wyda and her guests goofing around 😛 (photo courtesy: Wyda)

Congrats Wyda!

male makeup press conference lord's tailor

Makeup for Lord’s Tailor Press Conference

2 weeks back, I got the chance to do some makeup for few local male celebrities, thanks to our friend, Cassandra.

The makeup was for Lord’s Tailor KL’s press conference, held at their Bangsar Shopping Centre’s branch. The 5 celebs were Hisham Hamid, Wak DoyokShaheizy Sam Samad, Shah Iskandar and Amar Baharin.

Hisham Hamid Lords Tailor KL makeup

While making up for Hisham, we had some chit chat and couldn’t believe that this hunk was an ex-fire figther! Currently he is shooting a drama series that is similar to those Mexican style dramas.

wak doyok lords tailor makeup

Next up, I get to do light touch-up for Wak Doyok. I have seen his pictures online and was very curious about his ‘magnificent beard’ XD Through this session, I got the chance to see it up close! I could see that a lot of love, care and styling went into his famous mustache 🙂 While getting ready for his appearance, he briefly comb his mustache with a special comb, it was, tiny & cute..

amar baharin press conference makeup

male makeup press conference

Amar was the first one that I did the touch-up for and he mentioned that he just came from a hair cut 😛 Amar has a very captivating eyes, don’t you think? Upon closer look, his eyes looks as though they have eyeliners on, even though I did not do anything on the eyes 🙂

It is a great pleasure to get these guys ready for the lens 🙂

Hisham, Wak Doyok, Amar’s makeup by Veron

Shah, Sam’s makeup by Cassandra

Group Photo courtesy of Lord’s Tailor KL

bridal hairdo babys breath

Wedding Hairstyle Wednesday – Pretty Little Baby’s Breath

When it comes to wedding hairstyle, apart from figuring out what style to go with, the hair accessory that adorns your hairdo is as important.

If you love floral, but prefer a simpler approach, baby’s breath is a good choice to match your theme. It’s dainty nature gives you a down to earth, carefree look, while also able to channel a more elegant or classic look, say, Greek Goddess, if you fancy.

Below are our pick on how to wear these cute little baby’s breath on your bridal hairdo, from carefree style, to an elegant updo.

loose braid bridal hairstyle babys breath

Simple, carefree hairstyle to go with that elegantly dreamy wedding dress. Who say glam dress have to match with an elaborate hairdo? 🙂

baby's breath crown wedding hairdo

Having a simple ceremony by the beach or in a beautiful garden? Why not let your hair loose and put on a baby’s breath crown? Imagine a nice breeze brushing your hair, how beautifully romantic.


bridal hairdo babys breath

baby breath headband updo


Prefer an updo? These loose updo style are a great option too!


baby breath elegant updo

Thinking of an elegant updo? Well, baby’s breath goes well with a classic, elegant updo as well 🙂


baby breath greek goddess updo

If, deep down inside you are a Greek Goddess waiting to be discovered, why not channeled it into your wedding updo with some baby’s breath and ribbons like this picture? I’m sure you’ll make heads turn 🙂

What is your favourite bridal hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you 🙂

Have a lovely day!



Interested in hiring us to doll you up for your function? Contact us for a quote today!

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st patrick ball makeup

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, Pixie would like to wish you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How would you be celebrating it? Bar crawl from KL to The Curve? You gotta love ’em beers and have the stomach for it 😀

How about attending a ball, meeting new people, and at the same time do some charity? Plus you get to play dress up 🙂

Today I get to doll up Carol and her friend (which is also her neighbour) for the St. Patrick’s Ball organized by St. Patrick’s Society of Selangor held at Shangri-La Hotel KL. Carol just moved here 8 months ago after taking up the overseas post her company PayPal offered.

While discussing about the style of Carol’s eye makeup, she mentioned that most of her beauticians/makeup artists back home always commented on how small and sunken her eyes are. To me, she has big, lovely green eyes! I love deep set eyes actually. In order to not make her eyes look small and too sunken, I did a soft smokey eyes with darker colors at the outer corners of her eyes. Eyeshadows were blended slightly above the eye socket (some call it brow bone) so that the eyes don’t look too sunken.

To make the eyes pop, false lashes were used, only 3/4, not a full length. To complete the look, I applied pink blusher with blue undertone and a dragon fruit color lipstick (which also has a slight blue undertone) to complement Carol’s almost porcelain skin tone.

Don’t you think Carol is looking very lovely?

What color choices would you choose base on her skin tone and dress color? Share wit us your ideas in the comment box below.

Have a lovely day!

pixie makeup hairdo new look

Pixie’s new look!

This website has been revamped. We hope you guys like the new look. The problem with the old website is that it was not responsive to tablets and mobiles. And I’m sure you’ll agree that is a very bad thing. So we got the site a fresh new modern look but in keeping with the taste of Pixie’s branding too. Plus it is optimized for tablet or mobile viewing. Thank you for your support!