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Are you Strobing?

Highlighting and contouring has gone from being natural to extreme drag queen style and has been around for ages. However, the new craze now is Strobing. But what is strobing??

Well, we could say that ‘Strobing’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘Highlighting’. While back in the past few years, highlighting was achieved by using shimmery, or fine glittery powder, cream or liquid makeup products. As the trend goes on coupled with a new trend of a more healthy, non makeup-ey and naturally glowy skin, more and more innovated makeup products were introduced.


photo source: the net



photo source: the net


During a photo shoot recently for Zaahara on their new Telekung product, our makeup artist Veron did some soft strobing on the model, Tania.


strobing makeup

photo source: Pixie Makeup, Serendit Photo


As the client didn’t want the model to look too made up, Veron did a very natural, skin like makeup, and with some soft strobing, gave Tania a natural healthy glow on the skin. The strobing looks almost unnoticeable but still gives off a soft glow under dimmer light while it gives off a natural healthy shine on brighter lighting.


Tania strobing makeup 2

photo source: Pixie Makeup, Serendit Photo


So where are the points that are usually strobed/highlighted? The rule of thumb is to highlight the part of the face where light would hit, i.e. above cheekbones, along the nose bridge, nose tip, cupid’s bow, chin, brow bones and center of forehead or both sides of forehead above brow’s arch. You could also highlight the inner corner of the eyes to opens up your eyes.



photo source: the net


For Tania’s healthy glow, we used Golden Ratio Face Glam and Face Designing Brightener both by Etude House. The Golden Ratios has both liquid and cream type in 1 bottle. The liquid version has a pinkish golden tone to it while the cream has a ivory golden tone. You can either apply the liquid prior to foundation, on top of foundation or mix in with the foundation and apply on the areas mentioned. Remember to blend it down to a sheer layer to avoid that pinkish tone coming on too strong. If you prefer to apply it after foundation, the cream could be a better choice. For even faster application, the Face Designing Brightener, a powder highlighter, which comes in 3 shades, for light, medium and dark skin is the best option.



L-R: Golden Ration Face Glam, Face Designing Brightener, by Etude House


The liquid has the best sheen / shine to it. The powder and cream is more subtle. However, you can layer a bit more with the powder or cream for a high shine effect. If you are using the liquid or cream highlighter, and the shine diminish after you set your face with setting powder (best to use translucent or color less setting powder), just a simple mist of makeup fixer or any facial mist of your choice will help bring the shine back.


Etude House Highlighter

Etude House highlighter swatches


While you might get carried away having fun strobing. However, please keep in mind that, if you don’t want your face to end up looking like a messy, greasy, slippery mess, please use your illuminator/highligther sparingly only on the facial points as shown in the picture above. Because, the ‘shine’ other than making you look angelic and ethereal, it can also make you look oily if used too much or over a wide area, i.e. whole face.

We hope that you would enjoy this new trend as it is also a fastest way to gives your face dimension like a contouring & highlighting would.

Olive company dinner makeup hairdo

Strobing for client, Olive on her Company Annual Dinner

Another take on strobing by Veron, for Olive’s company annual dinner makeup.


Products Used on Tania Hudson:

Face: Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer | M.A.C Face & Body | Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme | Estee Lauder Lucidity Loose Powder | Etude House Golden Ratio, Face Designing Brightener | Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream Palette

Eyes: Estee Lauder eyeshadow | M.A.C Blacktrack gel liner | Etude House Dr. Fixer Lash Primer | Maybelline The Magnum mascara | Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner, Camouflage Cream Palette | Etude House Concealer Kit | 

Lips: Etude House Liquid Lips