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Pixie is a make up studio based in Kota Damansara.


Think of Pixie as a cozy little beauty place where you can get a nice makeover for any occasion – be it wedding ceremonies, company dinners, photo shoots, or even just a night out with good friends.

Can’t come to us?  Don’t worry! Pixie Bridal Makeup’s team of makeup artists are available for outcall service to serve you at the comfort of your own home.

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More about our brand

The name Pixie was chosen to capture the idea of the famous mythical folklore fairies considered to be mesmerising,
magical yet natural creatures in origin. Thus, the bridal makeup artist works hard to achieve those very same qualities by transforming the bride into a person of spellbinding beauty, and yet to look absolutely natural in that beauty is key.

Our signature bridal makeup style of elegant and timeless look, complements your features, not over power them. Result? A Naturally Beautiful you. Take a look at our portfolio, often times you feel that you are really looking into the person, our clients, instead of makeup trends. Trends come and go, but you, your personal look, stays with you. That’s our motto. Through makeup, we want to create an image that you would love to look at over and over again, down the memory lane.

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Should I go for eyebrow embroidery/tattooing?

We recommend that you try to schedule your eyebrow embroidery session after your wedding. This is because, once it is done, it gives us no room for adjustment if the color, shape & size is not right for you or the look we are after. Covering it up / correcting it is a tedious process you would want to avoid.

Do quality makeup brands make a difference in skincare?

Yes. The reason is that low quality makeup is more abrasive. Visually the results between two products may look the same – but in actual fact one might be causing more damage to your skin. Over a period of time this may result in deeper wrinkles and damaged skin. Pixie uses only carefully selected, high grade products from trusted brands.

Should I trim or dye my hair before my wedding?

If possible, plan to trim or dye your hair roughly 4 weeks before the wedding. Too far from the wedding and you may need to redo it. On the other hand, too close to the date and you risk not liking the colour or style. Allow a fair amount of time to manage change.

We advice that you discuss with your makeup artist prior to trimming or dyeing your hair, as it might affect the hair style that you have chosen for your wedding day.

Is a bridal makeup trial really necessary?

A bridal makeup trial is highly recommended. It is the perfect time for you to discuss with your makeup artist about your preferences and try out the make up for your wedding day.

Should I apply skincare before my make up?

Preferably we would like to apply our skin care products prior to your makeup application. As we are more familiar with the products we used, we will know which products work well together and are able to achieve the result we are looking for.

Prior to your makeup session, all you need to do is get ready a clean face. If you have spare time, you could do a light facial scrub & hydrating mask at home prior to the appointment. Do rinse your face with water after the mask. If you are doing it on the night before your makeup appointment, then you can skip this step.

Is there an extra charge for hair accessories?

Hair accessories are included with bridal packages at no extra charge. You may choose to use Pixie’s range of accessories or your own. Should you choose our accessories, these are loaned to you and must be returned after your wedding.

How should I prepare my hair for my make up?

It is important to make sure you hair is dry and non oily prior to us styling your hair. We recommend that you wash your hair the night before your makeover. This will ensure that your hair is easier to manage and style. If you wash your hair before the appointment itself then consider that it will require extra time for blow drying and the hair might be too soft/limp to create the style you prefer.

How much time does makeup & hair styling take?

It takes approximately 2 hours for bridal makeup or 1 hour 15 minutes for non-bridal makeup.

What happens if I wish to cancel a booking?

If you cancel your booking with us, then Pixie reserves the right to forfeit the deposit as compensation.

Once booking is confirmed with a deposit, we would have had our schedules and other commitments planned out and potential clients turned away. Therefore, we are not able to refund your deposit. We hope that you understand and respect our commitment & time to you.

You can however re-arrange the appointment date for other functions with us (subject to availability) at no extra cost.

How do you charge for bridal make up and what is the deposit?

Charges for bridal make up depends on a number of things such as:

  • Location of make up
  • Number of sessions required
  • Additional change of hairdo & touch ups
  • Other special bridal requirements

Quotation is determined on a case by case basis and is tailored to the client’s needs as it should be.

The deposit fee is 50% upfront, treated as a booking fee. The balance 50% is paid on actual day of service.