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How to help makeup last longer. No more Makeup Meltdown

4 Golden Rules for a Longer Lasting Makeup

Whenever we doll up our clients, a lot of them, well, actually all of them made this 1 same move that would put our beautifully done makeup in jeopardy. Which is RUBBING, SCRATCHING THEIR NOSE or anywhere on their face. Every time we sees this we would gasp and scream in our heart “Noooooo……!!!!” Then, we would proceed to touch-up the mess and inform them our golden rules to help pro-long the wear of their makeup. We almost sounded like a granny telling them that list of golden rules lol…

I bet a lot of you have read about what products to use for a smudge proof, heat proof, water proof makeup. So today, I’m gonna lay out the golden rules for a long lasting makeup.

1. Beautiful Makeup Starts with Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Makeup Beautiful Skin

I cannot agree more with the late Mr. Shu Uemura. Not only it emphasizes the importance of beautiful skin, it also made a point that makeup is really not a magical potion or instant plastic surgery. There is only so much makeup can do.

While you don’t have to have baby ass smooth skin for a beautiful makeup result. The most important thing is to keep your skin well hydrated and free of dead skin, or dirt build up. I always recommend my client to keep a basic routine of facial scrub & hydrating facial mask at least once a week, or the night before their makeover next day.

When old dead cells removed, new skin emerges, it gives a soft, smooth and healthy glow to your face instantly. Subsequent makeup product that goes on your face will look much better. Skeptical? I challenge you to not scrub your face for a week but continue to wear your makeup as usual and take a good look at it. Then compare it to when you apply makeup after a good scrub and see the difference 🙂

Another important thing is to always keep your face well hydrated. Hydration helps to plump up your skin and help fine lines to be less visible. It also helps to make your face less oily, thus overall helping your makeup to last longer. Sometime when you think your skin is oily skin, but maybe it is just being dehydrated and your body is over producing the oil to compensate for it.

Currently we are loving these 2 products for a well hydrated face, Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur with SPF 30 and Naruko’s Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask .

2. Stay Cool

makeup meltdown

The first step to long lasting makeup is to stay cool. You should stay cool while you apply your makeup and after you are done.

When you apply your makeup in a hot, sweaty environment, the heat and sebum/oil from your face is starting to melt your makeup even before you have time to set/seal them. It doesn’t help too when your face is sweaty while you do your makeup. Sweaty face = slippery surface = makeup product won’t sit well on your face. Just imagine you are trying to write something on a slippery surface and you can’t, the ink just don’t stick on.

You should ideally have your makeup done in a well ventilated, cool room. Best is do it in an air-conditioned room. Once you have finish and sealed your makeup, you should try to avoid activities that would make you sweat and feels hot. Stay in-doors, air-conditioned environment if you could.

If you really don’t have the luxury of staying cool, the following steps should at least help you look fab throughout your day.

3. Get your fingers away from your face

Our fingers touches a lot of things throughout the day, and some germs or bacteria might get on. Having your fingers stays away from your face not only helps avoid break outs, but it also helps your beautifully doll up face to look fab for a longer period of time. But if you really need to touch your face because is itchy, we strongly recommend that you do not scratch your face.  Instead, lightly tap the itchy spot.

Although the makeup can withstand some light touches to it, but acts like scratching or wiping is too harsh. Your makeup will come off, especially your foundation. Unless you use some budge proof makeup primer prior to your foundation that helps it to withstand some light scratches or wiping, just like an eye primer does for eyeshadows.

So remember, TAP not scratch.

4. Don’t let it soak

oily makeup face. Remember to blot

A lot of times when we see ladies in beautiful makeup but super shiny oily face, we just felt like walking up to them and help blot their face. Getting your face beautifully doll up is only the beginning of looking fab throughout the day. How you maintain it determines your makeup’s longevity.

Sweats and sebums creates a slip that will cause your makeup to slide off your face. If that is not enough, letting your face soaked in sweat or sebum is like putting a cotton pad soak with makeup remover on your eyelids, softening/dissolving it.

If your face gets sweaty or oily, you should use tissue or blotting paper to lightly dab it off. Key is LIGHTLY DAB not wipe. Ideally, you should always check yourself out in the mirror every 2 hours or so to admire your beautiful makeup and of course to also see if your face has becomes oily 😛 For oily skin, keep a close watch whenever possible.


There you have it. No one says maintaining a beautiful face is easy. If you decides to put so much care & love into making up your face, why not take some precautionary steps to help it look good throughout the day too? We also recommend you try out Skindinavia’s Bridal Makeup Setting Spray for that extra boost of staying power. It really does hold up for 12 – 16 hours and it’s our must haves!

Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray


“There is no ugly women, only lazy ones”

So my lovelies, Stay Hydrated, Stay Cool, Tap and Dab your way to look Fab all day!




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